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Steve Wood

I have just bought this unit, I wanted it to run one outlet for 12 hours and the other outlet for 12 hours. One is for a jet sprayer cat / fox / heron repeller which activates by PIR (I only want it to run from dusk till dawn) the other outlet serves a duck house / run (also activated by PIR - only lets water through when a duck stands in a certain spot to feed the water bowl and give her a quick shower). This to run only between dawn and dusk Or else the ducks will just stand under it all evening and get locked out of their house which has an auto close door (shuts at night, opens in the morning with a light sensor control.)

I have chatted with Farid (UK sales) about this in depth and he received the following advice from the techies in the US:

"Since this timer only has three start times and If he needs them to run a consecutive 12 hours per station the only way to do it would be to set the A program for his first start time and just put a square on station 1 and then on B put the second start after the 6 hours or 360 minutes but this time put a square on both stations and then on C put the 12 hours later and only put a square on station 2 on C. then what would happen is station one would water for 360 minutes on A then B would come on and run station 1 again for 360 minutes and then run station 2 right after for 360 and then shut off and then on C station 2 would come back on and run the rest of the 12 hours. "

This advice seems incomplete, ie what time start and run time should I put in for program C? And how do I select both station 1 & 2 for program B? No matter how I try to navigate the device I can find no obvious way to do this. There is nothing in the manual to instruct on how to do so. Would program B also need to be on a 12 hour interval?

Also my question to the manufacturer is this; Why is the run time limited to 360 Minutes? It's a digital timer after all and you could have allowed programming for exactly the minutes desired, ie 12 hours 23 hours 96 hours or whatever is needed for different purposes (bearing in mind these useful devices can be used for other purposes than just irrigation.)

Also - after a period of confusion in trying to set the unit up my former assumption was that my unit would have 3 start times PER outlet. Can anyone confirm that it's only three start times for the entire device? And again - wouldn't it have been easily possible to have designed the double in such a way?

With the single outlet Buddy; it has 3 start times so I would have assumed with a double outlet Buddy it would have been programmable for 3 start times on EACH outlet. Surely this would be achievable with just a minor redesign of the software?

In retrospect I probably should have bought 2 seperate Buddy Single outlets so as to completely achieve what I need. It's a fab device however, no complaints there. Very robust and the quality of build is great. Just wished it was a bit more versatile. It has the hardware to do what I want but is just hampered by the design of the software.

Posted 20 Aug 2016
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View Topic "Buddy two outlet digital timer"

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