Why choose Blu-Lock™? Simple, it’s the future of irrigation installation!

Blu-Lock™ uses a revolutionary stainless steel retaining ring that grips the flexible pipe from the outside. This permits a quick, easy-to-slide on fitting instead of endless twisting, heating, gluing and sore hands associated with barb fittings

Did you know?  

  • Blu-lock™ fittings permit removal. To remove fittings, just pull back on the release tab and remove the fitting from the pipe.
  • Blu-Lock™ retaining ring has additional advantages. Since the fitting sides over the flexible pipe, Blu-Lock™ is 26% stronger and allows 25% increase in flow rate.


Built To Take Higher Pressures

With Blu-Lock™ the higher the pressure, the more it grips the pipe. With barb fittings, pressure has a negative effect on the connection. Higher pressure expands the pipe away from the spiral barbs.


  • Resists damage from water hammer
  • Tubing resists splitting, bulging and kinking


Increased Flow Rate 

Did you know that Blu-Lock™ unique design attaches to the outside of the pipe. Unlike barb fittings that insert inside the tubing and restrict flow rates.


  • Flow capacity to run all but the largest commercial gear drive sprinklers
  • Ideal for use as a multi-head lateral line.


Reduced Labour Costs

Blu-Lock™ reduces assembly time, up to 80%, compared to barb fittings. Gone are the days of endless twisting and hand strain.


  • 80% reduction in assembly time reduces labour and can increase profits
  • No need to preheat tubing for easily assembly
  • Assembles easily in all temprestures and coditions
  • Blu-Lock™ assembles easily in all temperature conditions
  • Blu-Lock™ pipe remains flexible and resistant to kinks
  • Eliminates hand bruising and abrasions


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