Pop-Up Sprinklers - General Maintenance

Due to the ‘pop-up’ action of the body, the likelihood of blockage of spray from grass is minimal, as the nozzle will rise above the grass. However grass can grow quickly in season so it is worthwhile keeping on top of this occasionally and trimming the grass when needed.

 If the riser starts sticking in the ‘up’ position, this could be caused from dirt in the lines and ‘wash-back’ of dirt into the top of the head. To resolve this, manually move the head up and down gently. If the problem persists, then remove the nozzle by unscrewing and turn the water on so it freely flows through the head, flushing out and removing any dirt that may be trapped. You can also take this opportunity to clean the nozzle and the filter from any dirt.

Watch the Orbit Expert Brad show you how to clean a sprinkler filter. Click here

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