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a well watered garden is a beautiful garden

We’ve brought more than 50 years of commercial and irrigation industry experience dedicated to serving the irrigation markets to irrigationhub. We rigorously apply our knowledge and experience to offer handpicked watering and irrigation products with market leading warranties of 2 to 6 years from world class brands for homeowners and professional irrigation systems contractors. All products selected must meet our ‘quality and value’ benchmark.
Shop with complete confidence at irrigationhub, the watering and irrigation professionals!

best sellers

  • Orbit® Buddy II Two-Port Digital Tap Timer

  • Orbit® Buddy Single-Port Digital Tap Timer

  • Orbit® Automatic Garden Watering Kit Valve

  • Hydro-Rain® HRC 990 Battery-Powered Controller

  • NEW Orbit® Buddy HF - Single-Port Digital Tap Timer

  • Orbit Yard Enforcer

  • Orbit® NEW Automatic Garden Watering Kit

  • Orbit Misting Nozzle 5/Bag

  • 3/4" Gear Drive Sprinkler

  • Orbit Garden Watering Kit with two additional valves - 10% DISCOUNT

  • Orbit® 6-Station Easy-Set Logic™ Timer With Remote!

  • Orbit® ArizonaMist® Kool-Kit® Extension

  • Orbit® 6-Station Outdoor Slide Controller

  • Orbit® 2 Dial Battery Tap Timer

  • Orbit® 260m² (2800ft²) 16 Nozzle Oscillator

  • RAIN Hose Connector (12.5mm and 15mm)

  • Orbit Buddy III Eco-Series 3 Port Digital Tap Timer

  • Orbit® Signature Series Rear Trigger Dual Pack with Embossed Logo

  • Orbit® Mechanical Tap Timer

  • Orbit® Metal Signature Series Rear Trigger 10-Pattern Turret Pistol

  • Orbit® ArizonaMist® Kool-Kit® Outdoor Mist Cooling System

  • Orbit Mini XL - Stream Magnum Hose Nozzle

  • Orbit® ArizonaMist® Calcium Inhibitor Filter

  • Orbit® Automatic Garden Watering Kit

  • 13 Volt Solenoid for HRC 990 Battery-Powered Controller

  • Orbit® OLD Automatic Garden Watering Kit Valve

  • Orbit® 12-Station Easy-Set Logic™ Timer With Remote!

  • Rain S020 4" Pop-up Slim Body with Flush Cap

  • Orbit® 6-Station Easy-Set Logic™ Timer

  • Orbit® 7-Pattern Turret Pistol

  • Orbit® Automatic Garden Watering Kit with 2 Additional Valves

  • Orbit Traveling Sprinkler

  • Orbit® 4-Station Easy-Set Logic Timer

  • Blu-Lock® 1" Cap

  • Orbit®  4-Station Outdoor Slide Controller

  • Orbit® ArizonaMist® Professional Outdoor Mist Cooling System

  • NEW Orbit Buddy II HF - Two-Port Digital Tap Timer

  • Orbit® 260m² (2800ft²) 15 Nozzle Oscillator

  • Orbit Brass 4-Way Manifold Connector with Shut-off

  • Orbit® ArizonaMist® 8-Oz (236ml) Nozzle Cleaner

  • Orbit Female Brass Tap Adaptor - 25mm (1") & 20mm (3/4") COMBINATION

  • Obit 96002 13mm (1/2") Brass Hose Connector WITH STOP

  • Orbit® RX-1.5 Rain Sensor Hard Wired

  • Orbit® 9-Station Outdoor Slide Controller

  • Hydro-Rain® HRC 980 1-Port Digital Tap Timer

  • Rain "MICRO" 2 Dial Single-Port Tap Timer

  • Orbit® 6-Station Pocket Star Ultima

  • Orbit® Metal Signature Series 10 Pattern Front Trigger Turret Pistol

  • Rain Amico+ Digital Tap Timer

  • Hydro-Rain® 2" Pop-up Slim Body Spray with Flush Cap

  • Hydro-Rain® 2" Pop-up Slim Body Spray with 18ft Adjustable Nozzle

  • Rain 'Red-Gold' 7-Pattern Metal Spray Gun

  • Orbit Zinc Impact Sprinkler On Tripod Base

  • Orbit® ArizonaMist® 10.16cm (4") Nozzle Extension

  • Rain 4-Port Metal Manifold

  • Blu-Lock® 1" x 3/4" Coupling

  • Rain 'EASY' 7 Pattern Spray Gun

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